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  • The Making of RIG STATIC rope

    This lightweight rope has been especially designed for longline rigging. We reduced the rope diameter which made it much lighter and at the same time this did not affect its performance. We are using a high quality polyester with an improved structure with very low stretch and high strength properties. In effect the rope has [...] More  →
  • The Making of ZERO leash ring

    We made a short movie about the making of ZERO rings: the two hour long machining process presented in 3 minutes. The way ZERO is designed to distribute the load is allowing it to be more compact.  For additional safety it is forged from a solid block of high-strength stainless steel, which makes it extremely [...] More  →
  • Materials we use

    The physic of Slacklining and its variations, is different compared to any other sport. A properly set up and tensioned longline has a static load equivalent to 500-1200 kg and on top of it there is an additional dynamic stress when somebody is walking or jumping on the webbing. In many cases people tend to [...] More  →
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