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  • What makes the ZERO rings better than other leash rings?

    ZERO – the ultimate solution for a leash ring. It’s smart. It is safe. It’s ultralight. – What else would you need? It’s really a “must have” piece in every highline system. It’s smart Compared to standard rings there is no pulling force which affects the ZERO ring under load. A standard ring is just [...] More  →
  • The Making of ZERO leash ring

    We made a short movie about the making of ZERO rings: the two hour long machining process presented in 3 minutes. The way ZERO is designed to distribute the load is allowing it to be more compact.  For additional safety it is forged from a solid block of high-strength stainless steel, which makes it extremely [...] More  →
  • Materials we use

    The physic of Slacklining and its variations, is different compared to any other sport. A properly set up and tensioned longline has a static load equivalent to 500-1200 kg and on top of it there is an additional dynamic stress when somebody is walking or jumping on the webbing. In many cases people tend to [...] More  →
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