RIG STATIC – The 8mm rigging rope


50 meters of 8mm diameter rigging rope
This lightweight rope has been especially designed for longline rigging.

We reduced the rope diameter which made it much lighter and at the same time this did not affect its performance. We are using a high quality polyester with an improved structure with very low stretch and high strength properties. In effect the rope has high performance in rigging and it’s easier to control in the brake because of its good grip characteristics.

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The rope cover is also made from polyester which protects it from abrasion and UV exposure. The rope is heat-treated for additional elongation reduction.
RIG STATIC is developed especially for the MINI pulley system, but it can also be used together with other pulleys. This rope is made for rigging, DO NOT use it for climbing!

diameter: 8mm
cover: 32 braids of high-quality polyester
core: 16 braids of high-quality polyester
breaking strength: >1280 daN (kg)
weight: 45g/meter

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