MINI 2.9 – 9:1 longline rigging system

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The concept for MINI is to be compact and highly-efficient rigging pulley system at the same time.

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Compared to the common 5:1 pulley system setups with 9-11mm diameter ropes this pulley system is 9:1 and is designed for 7-8mm static rope.
In other words, the system needs more rope with a reduced diameter. Effectively the system weighs the same but the rigging is almost two times more efficient.
Using the triple, double and simple pulleys as multipliers you will be able to rig more than 100-meter-long line on your own.
The force is better distributed, there is less load on the rope brake which makes the system safer. The brake’s special design allows high-performance when rigging but also much better control over the rope when releasing.
For the best performance we highly recommend to use the RIG static rope, which is specially design for the MINI rigging system.
The side plates, axles, bolts, shackles and maillons are made from high-strength stainless steel. The highly efficient bearings are also made from stainless steel for maximum safety and durability.
The webbing anchors are made for 25mm polyester or polyamide webbings. These heavy-duty anchors also provide safe rigging for longlines over 100m. The 28mm diameter middle roller is made from hard anodized 7075 aluminium alloy. It is secured with an extra bolt to make its use safer, and prevent from turning around under high loads, which can make the webbing slip off. Because of its big diameter the roller makes the locking with the webbing highly efficient.
The front pin is made from high-strength stainless steel.

WLL (working load limit): 12,5kN (at safety factor of 4)
MBS (tested minimum break strength): >50kN
sideplates: 2mm thick 1.4301 Stainless Steel
bearings: high-efficiency stainless steel sealed bearings
axles: 12mm diameter 1.4571 Stainless Steel
shackles: Stainless Steel
maillon: PEGUET Maillon rapide, Stainless Steel

webbing anchors
sideplates: 4mm thick 1.4301 Stainless Steel
front pin: 12mm Stainless Steel
middle roller: changing diameter hard anodized 7075 aluminium alloy
middle axle: 12mm diameter 1.4571 Stainless Steel
inner width: 25.5mm

total weight: 2250g


12,5kN (at safety factor of 4)



total weight


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